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Innovative seating to enhance any learning environment.

ProEd is designed for the evolving needs of the education industry, helping students and teachers to expand their horizons.

The ProEd range focuses on how learning happens within a space and the ways that great furniture design can support that process. With a widely customisable range of school chairs, modular seating, stools and desks, we can collaborate with the unique vision of any educational space.

Supporting a wide range of learning styles

The ways we teach and learn are always evolving and so are the spaces we do it in. The ProEd seating range offers a huge variety of options to meet the needs of different educational models. From solo study to traditional classroom formats, communal work, meetings and breakout spaces. ProEd has options to support a whole range of activities while delivering consistently safe, durable and stylish seating.

Expert support for custom fit-outs

We collaborate closely with interior designers, architects and education specialists to develop furniture fit-outs for a range of education environments from secondary schools to universities and community spaces. ProEd furniture works along side our Konfurb range where customised finishes and fabrics complement the broader aesthetic vision. Ergonomic design and over 25 years experience means we are top of the class when it comes to educational seating.

Learning space design


Best for sharing of knowledge or skills. Storytelling, demonstrations or group discussions.


Small groups of seating encourage teamwork and equal distribution.


Reflective learning environments that encourage personal space physically, symbolically, or both.

Source: David Thornburg, who has been described as the “premier futurist in educational technology”, identifies in his book, ‘From the Campfire to the Holodeck: Creating Engaging and Powerful 21st Century Learning Environments’ three archetypal learning spaces: the campfire, the cave, and the watering hole. Each space has a distinct function in human learning that corresponds directly to being a disciple and a learner.

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Our ProEd range encompasses almost every piece of seating you could imagine needed for a learning space, including desk chairs, stools and student tables. From there, we customise, collaborate and innovate to deliver seating solutions that inspire students to learn and reach their full potential.

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