Ergonomic Office Chairs

Buro’s ergonomic office chairs support great posture, providing optimal comfort and high performance.
Long hours of sitting can lead to workstation injuries unless you have tailored ergonomic support, which is what this range delivers. Buro’s ergonomic office chairs enable natural movement and excellent everyday posture. Find the best ergonomic chairs in NZ with Buro today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ergonomic Chairs

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is comfortable to sit on with no pressure points. It should be easily adjustable, provide good lumbar and pelvic support, and have a backrest that follows the natural contours of your spine.

Ergonomics is all about creating safe, comfortable, and productive workplaces. An ergonomic office chair encourages optimal posture and freedom of movement for people who sit at work. The ergonomic design supports musculoskeletal health, circulation, and general wellbeing of the body and mind.

The Buro range of ergonomic chairs has great adjustable features to create the perfect seating solution. Our chairs can meet the unique needs of anybody lucky enough to sit on one.

What is the best office chair for sitting all day?

The longer you spend sitting, the more important it is to have great ergonomic support. Adjusting the chair to suit your body’s unique dimensions is also key.

All ergonomic office chairs should have adjustable height, seat depth, tilt, and backrest angle. With these basics covered, you can start looking at materials. A mesh back helps you stay cool, while an extra comfy padded seat makes it feel like you’re on a cloud.

If many people will use the chair, consider an ergonomic chair with a mechanism that automatically adjusts to each person, as featured in the Buro Mentor range.

Whatever you select, you must know how to tune your chair to set it up in the best position. Explore our range of ergonomic office chairs in NZ to start your journey towards optimal posture, comfort, and performance today.

Are ergonomic chairs actually better?

We were born to move, yet many spend long hours seated. Ergonomic chairs improve wellbeing by encouraging optimal posture and freedom of movement. The spine is supported, and muscles can move naturally. A great ergonomic office chair should enable you to fidget and adjust as needed to remain supported.

Increased circulation, ease of movement and breath, less muscle and joint pain, and improved focus and energy are just some benefits of sitting on a quality ergonomic chair. Choose Buro’s ergonomic chairs for your NZ home or office space to discover more benefits.

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