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Hard working ergonomic drafting chairs and drafting stools that support body and mind.
An excellent ergonomic drafting chair can elevate the experience of work and creativity. Buro’s range of modern drafting chairs and drafting stools exceed industry standards, providing superior standards of design, comfort and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ergonomic Drafting Chairs

What to look for in a drafting chair?

To sit comfortably, a great ergonomic drafting chair or drafting stool needs to offer these key features. Firstly, having adjustable height is essential to reach across a large desk. Equally, an adjustable footrest will support the feet and legs to sit at the correct angle, improving overall circulation and mobility, supporting overall energetic flow.

In the case of a drafting chair, lumbar support is key for correct posture and reducing back pain. This could be from a low or high back chair depending on the level of support required. In situations where people collaborate and converse, it’s useful to have a chair with a pivoting seat that encourages freedom of movement in the space.

Depending on how you work, finding a drafting chair that weaves all this tech into a sleek modern design can be a challenge. However, the Konfurb Harmony drafting chair does exactly this, designed by Martin Ballendat to incorporate excellent ergonomics and dynamic movement with a beautiful, modern design.

Are drafting chairs good for a standing desk?

As more people choose standing desks, there are still times when they want to sit. An adjustable ergonomic drafting chair or drafting stool may provide a simple alternative to raising and dropping the desk height.

It’s important to consider if the chair can extend high enough to support correct postural alignment with the desk. It may pay to measure your desk height and compare the drafting chair or stool you’re considering with that. To enquire about which of our Buro drafting chair ranges is right for you, please get in touch.

What is the best drafting chair for back pain?

For people experiencing back or neck pain, it’s important to find a chair that supports correct ergonomic alignment and freedom of movement. Secondly, the chair needs to be adjusted in relation to the user’s desk. Buro’s range of architectural chairs and drafting chairs are all ergonomically designed however for the highest level of support, we suggest you explore the following models:

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