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04 May 2022
Health Wellbeing
As more hours are being spent working from home, individuals and businesses are being called to invest in a home office setup that meets professional standards. Considerations to health and safety, productivity and home aesthetics all factor when looking closely at remote working environments. Create workplace wellbeing in the homes of remote staff.
28 Apr 2022
Ergonomics, Innovation
Explore one of the less conventional chair options, the kneeling chair and the rise in popularity of the standing desk. Understand what they are, best practice for using them and the benefits of using each. We explore how combining these two can make a powerful ergonomic set up plus other options for sitting, perching and standing.
18 Mar 2022
Whether you’re furniture hunting for your workplace, home office or a large project fit-out, here are a few key things to consider to ensure you’re making the right sustainable choice. Avoid falling into a trap of green-washed marketing and buy truly sustainable office furniture to support your health, wellbeing and the planet.
17 Mar 2022
The physical conditions of where we work can play a crucial role in the comfort, enjoyment and productivity we experience there. We outline how with just a few changes to the environment of your work set-up, such as light, colour and personalisation, you can make 2022 a year of productivity and positivity, whether working from home or in the commercial office.
17 Nov 2021
Improve health and wellbeing with Dynamic Intelligence™ technology. Revolutionising seating with no levers or manual adjustments needed. The self-weighting tension system intuitively responds to your body weight and size as you move, improving posture by encouraging a neutral spinal position and reducing spinal fatigue.
17 Aug 2021
Working from home has become a way of life for many Kiwis since the pandemic, whether you’re tucked away in a spare room, tapping away at the dining room table, or lucky enough to have a dedicated home office setup. But you are probably missing one key ingredient — a proper home office chair.

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