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konfurb sense chair with man working from home reclining
30 Nov 2023
Health Wellbeing
Working remotely can negatively impact employees’ health and wellbeing. One reason is that they may not have access to the right furniture to facilitate work. We discuss working from home and its impact on mental wellbeing, and benefits of ergonomic office furniture for remote worker mental health.
konfurb duoblock outdoor cafe seating
08 Nov 2023
Sitting down in a picturesque café for a quiet cup of coffee is one of the best things in life, and all the more so when you have a great outdoor seating area to enjoy. Are you a café owner looking for some outdoor seating inspiration? Ready to transform a drab outdoor space into an al fresco delight? We share tips for designing your outdoor area, spacing your tables, decorative elements to include and maintaining your outdoor café seating.
mondo java chair levers
31 Oct 2023
Mastering office chair adjustments: explore the nuances of seat, backrest, and tilt customisations, and uncover the essential elements that personalise your seated experience. Enhance your sitting and working efficiency with a deep understanding of these vital office chair adjustments.
buro elan black chair
26 Oct 2023
Unlock the secrets of your office chair's inner workings with our comprehensive guide to ergonomic office chair parts. From castors to headrests, and everything in between, discover the key components that make your seating experience truly comfortable and adjustable. Make an informed choice for your next office chair purchase by exploring these essential features.
Konfurb Orbit Chair High Back PU Pedestal Base in Relaxing Setting
05 Oct 2023
Health Wellbeing
Everybody needs to take a break occasionally. Be inspired by the world’s forging companies' recreational spaces. We share the importance of incorporating recreational spaces in the office and ideas for creating a recreational space for workers, boosting your team’s morale, improving work-life balance and giving staff somewhere to socialise.
woman with back pain from sitting
29 Sep 2023
Spend most of your workday sitting at a desk? Learn the health issues associated with long periods of sitting and tips for managing your sitting throughout the workday to reduce pain and discomfort from long periods of physical inactivity.

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