Visitor and Meeting Room Chairs

Make a lasting impression with our exceptional collection of reception and meeting room chairs that guarantee comfort and style in New Zealand workspaces.
Guests deserve a pleasant waiting experience; the right chair makes all the difference. Buro’s exquisite range of meeting room and visitor chairs ensures seamless transitions and a delightful ambience that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor & Meeting Room Chairs

How do I approach waiting room chair placement?

When arranging chairs in a waiting room, carefully consider the spatial dynamics and the flow of individuals. The entry point, the space’s purpose, and people’s subsequent movement should determine the placement of reception chairs. A well-designed layout ensures a smooth transition from one stage to another. For instance, creating sufficient distance from the entrance to the reception desk and into the facility or office is essential, allowing for an uninterrupted flow. It is advisable to arrange waiting room chairs along the room’s periphery, allowing comfortable seating without obstructing walkways.

Additionally, guest privacy and comfort should be a priority, especially considering the nature of activities within the space. In a medical environment, visitors may prefer some degree of personal space. Conversely, office and legal settings should position chairs away from office walls to prevent unintended eavesdropping on confidential conversations with other employees or clients.

Are armchairs the ideal choice for visitor chairs and waiting areas?

When choosing reception chairs for your New Zealand office space, consider the duration clients stay in your waiting area. Opting for armchairs in your seating arrangement can greatly enhance comfort during extended waiting periods. Furthermore, armchairs are an added advantage if clients require additional support.

In medical settings, it is crucial to prioritise hygiene and effortless cleaning. Consider selecting visitor chairs with wipeable surfaces to help maintain cleanliness and ensure easy sanitisation. Explore our exceptional range of medical seating solutions for an easy-to-clean solution.

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