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Office sofas, booths and soft modular seating for work and play.
Buro’s range of office sofas, ottomans and soft modular seating creates inviting spaces to connect, reflect and rest between tasks. Collaborative seating designed to be adaptable and durable, creating a world of possible uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Soft Seating

What is modular seating or a modular couch?

Modular design involves dividing a system or structure into smaller parts so they can be easily reformed. Buro’s modular seating ranges such as the Konfurb Star Series or Konfurb Block Series are resilient, super comfy, customisable and adaptable. Sleek modern lines work with the contemporary interiors of schools, offices, institutions or anywhere that people gather and focus.

Modular design creates a level of creative freedom that can respond to the changing needs of users within a space. A modular couch would reflect the same principle with different parts slotting together in a number of ways.

What is the difference between a sofa and a couch?

Although these terms get used interchangeably, they do have different origins. ‘Couch’ is of French origin and refers to an object with no arms that is used for lying on, or lounging about. ‘Sofa’ on the other hand is more formal, referring to that which we sit upon, with arms and a backrest. It’s worth mentioning that ottomans also feature in a similar way to a couch, however, they will usually have no back or arms whatsoever.

Where to buy the best couch for an office?

Couches and sofas for offices need to be hard-wearing, hygienic and work well with the sleek, modern design often found in commercial spaces. The first thing to look at is how this office sofa will be used, will it be a waiting space or used for impromptu meetings? For seating where people chat it can be useful to consider modular seating, this can be rearranged to create L shapes and other structures which encourage connection. Secondly, hard-wearing and cleanable upholstery will maintain the look and hygiene of furniture that is used by many people day in and day out. Choosing a commercial seating provider like Buro ensures all these bases are covered, over 25 years of experience means we know what works and what doesn’t in the realm of office couches and soft seating.

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Our team and trusted partners across New Zealand can help you find the perfect modular soft seating solutions for your commercial space. Browse above or find a supplier online for the right soft seating today.

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