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Our iconic, ergonomic office chairs for optimal wellbeing.


Ergonomic chairs that prioritise performance and help thousands of people sit, feel and work better every day.

If we’ve learnt anything studying the myriad ways that people sit, it’s that good posture feels great. That’s why excellent ergonomic design is the backbone of our Buro Seating brand. Designed for people who do their best work sitting down, we’ve taken a deep dive into understanding how to get seat tilts, foam density and backrests just right. We’ve found breathable fabrics and durable plastics – it’s been quite the journey.


Seating that stands the test of time.

We’ve spent years exploring what makes an office chair truly great. Through rigorous testing, quality control and smart design our Buro Seating range has collected more badges and certificates than a Boy Scout! Awards aside, we’re proud to make quality seating that ticks a lot of boxes. The Buro Seating range is durable and designed with your health and wellness in mind.


Buro Diablo, Waikato Regional Council.


Ergonomics, the science of feeling good.

At the heart of ergonomic seating is the desire for physical wellbeing. Long hours spent sitting can strain both the body and mind. By recruiting ergonomic experts and consulting thousands of users, we’ve come to understand exactly how to help people sit and work better for longer. Adjustable features, comfortable materials and intelligent design all support the wellness and comfort of anyone lucky enough to sit in a Buro desk chair.


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Our Buro Seating chairs

The Buro Seating brand covers all bases from ergonomic office chairs, to slick modern barstools. Although they may appear different, every chair in the Buro Seating brand is linked by a common quality of ergonomically smart design that is durable, user friendly and certified to the highest international standards.

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