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Buro Seating, Konfurb, & Mondo: Discover our ergonomic office chair brands

At Buro, every chair we make is the result of a painstaking design process, using the very best materials and latest technology. One thing you might not know about us is that we’re more than just one name and identity. We have three separate brands, each with a totally unique approach. In this article, we’ll provide a snapshot of our three brilliant brands, what they offer, the customers they serve, and how each might be perfect for your workplace.
mondo office furniture brand

Buro, Konfurb, & Mondo: which ergonomic office chair brand is right for you?

With a keen eye on the very smallest details, we’re proud of our hard-earned position as a leading ergonomic office chair brand. 

One thing you might not know about us is that we’re more than just one name and identity. We have three separate brands, each with a totally unique approach.

Buro Seating

Buro Seating is our range of ergonomic office chairs that prioritise performance, designed for maximum support, health and wellbeing. 

Excellent ergonomics are the cornerstone of Buro Seating designs, and these chairs are made for people who spend most of their working day sitting down at a desk.

When we make a Buro Seating chair, we pour over every design point; from seat tilts, foam density and backrest design to breathable and durable fabrics. We obsess about the end product, with rigorous testing and quality control. The Buro Seating range is built to withstand daily use, and our chairs proudly hold a range of certifications and industry standards. This range of office chairs is designed with wellness in mind, and we aim to eliminate nasty aches, strains and pains.

buro seating office furniture brand


Our Mondo range is where quality ergonomic design meets affordability. Mondo chairs tick a lot of boxes; they’re economical and made to withstand regular use.

Mondo seating comes at a lower cost than our other brands, but the range doesn’t compromise on quality. The chairs are super-comfy and deliver great support, and like all of our chairs, are rigorously tested.

This accessible, quality office furniture range can meet even the tightest office budgets with room to spare. We created Mondo to ensure everyone can access a taste of high-end luxury.

mondo soho office chairs in meeting room

Mondo Soho office chairs used as boardroom chairs for meetings.



Konfurb is our brand dedicated to quality commercial furniture. Konfurb seating is ideal for commercial fitouts, and we access top international designers to create easy-on-the-eye, functional furniture. 

The Konfurb range has customisable options for different office fitouts, and is adaptable to meet any design vision. With style and quality, Konfurb designs will catch the eye while remaining comfortable and durable.

Our expert Konfurb team can work with designers, procurement managers and interior designers on tailoring the range for commercial fitouts. Konfurb is all about attention to detail, with custom upholstery, special fabrics, and modified parts.

konfurb luna white office chair

The Konfurb Luna office chair in white for a stylish designer look. 


Which brand is right for you? 

Buro Seating — for health and wellbeing

Buro Seating furniture is perfect for situations where ergonomics and wellbeing are high priorities. These designs are tailor-made to maintain physical health, and are approved by ergonomic experts.

If you’re keen to get the best out of your team and look after their bodies, a Buro Seating chair can help. 

This range’s wealth of adjustable features, comfortable materials and cutting-edge technology will ensure your employees have the best working environment possible.


Mondo — the best on a budget 

Operating on a stretched budget but still want the highest quality? Mondo is the right fit for you. 

While this range has a lower price point than our other brands, every piece we make features the very best in design, materials, and technology. 

This range of chairs is made for people who might not have a huge budget; a professional working from home, a student or a small organisation with a handful of staff. 


Konfurb — the designer’s choice

The Konfurb range is suited to large commercial fitouts and office redesigns, with a host of customisable options to suit different design aesthetics. 

If you’re looking for office furniture that can be tailored to different shapes and sizes, Konfurb is the brand for you.

From modular soft seating to sleek office chairs, bar stools, and elegant occasional chairs, the Konfurb range is designed with contemporary interiors — and interior designers —  in mind. 


konfurb office seating brand

Konfurb Block modular furniture makes a great addition to social and collaboration spaces. 


Brand highlights

Buro chairs look and feel great, and there are so many options to choose from. It’s hard to pick our favourites (we love all of our creations equally), but here is one of our top picks from each range.


Buro Seating

The Buro Elan is another graceful design that would fit a sharp modern office or a home office nook. Its advanced ergonomic features include a synchro mechanism, breathable mesh, and depth-adjustable seat slide. 

The Buro Diablo is an office chair with a difference. This modern office chair looks equally at home in the boardroom or the home office, with sleek design and outstanding comfort. Don’t be fooled by its name; while Diablo might mean ‘devil’ in Spanish, our chair is gentle on the joints and promotes active sitting for wellbeing. (Okay, top two here!)



Our Mondo Soho chair delivers on a number of fronts, with charming curves and reliable comfort, an ideal fit for meeting rooms, touchdown workspaces, or home offices. This chair literally has your back, with a strong base, adjustable height, and super smooth swivel action.



The Konfurb Luna is an active seating chair designed to improve posture through natural movement and flexibility. The design might look straightforward, but looks can be deceiving; this chair has a breathable mesh back and adjustable lumbar support to enhance wellness.



Now you’re familiar with Buro Seating, Mondo, and Konfurb, head to our product pages to find the right seating for your workplace.


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