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Reform Radiology

Discover how Reform Radiology revolutionised staff wellbeing with ergonomic healthcare stools and office furniture, partnering with CG Office Furniture to create a productive and healthy workspace in Christchurch, New Zealand.
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Transforming Reform Radiology with ergonomic healthcare stools

In the dynamic world of healthcare, optimising staff comfort and productivity is paramount. When Reform Radiology, a joint venture involving Christchurch Radiologists, Integrated Hospitals Ltd, and Forte Health Group Ltd, sought to equip their new facility in Christchurch, they partnered with CG Office Furniture to find the perfect ergonomic office solutions, including healthcare stools.

We delve into how CG Office Furniture, in collaboration with Reform Radiology, achieved this by providing high-quality healthcare stools and chairs that prioritised staff wellbeing, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the highest quality Radiology Services.

Reform Radiology recognised the critical significance of ergonomic healthcare stools in their daily operations. These stools had to not only promote comfort but also support the health and productivity of their ultrasound technicians. Furthermore, they needed furniture that would meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare environment, offering easy maintenance and longevity.

reception area at reform radiology

Reform Radiology reception area. image credit

buro metro connect office chair
buro bambach healthcare stool

Collaborating closely with Reform Radiology, CG Office Furniture meticulously curated a selection of office chairs and healthcare stools that adhered to strict ergonomic, durability, and design standards:

Buro Metro II and Buro Mentor chairs

These ergonomic office chairs, including six Buro Metro II chairs and three Buro Mentor chairs, were chosen for management, administrative staff, and the radiology team (eight Buro Metro II Connect chairs). Their superior ergonomic design ensures that staff have the necessary support and comfort for long hours of work in a healthcare setting.

Buro Bambach saddle seat stools

Three Buro Bambach saddle seat stools were selected specifically for ultrasound technicians, the stool’s unique design offers a wide range of movement and outstanding ergonomics, catering perfectly to the specific requirements of this role.

Konfurb Fly chairs

The sleek design of the Konfurb Fly chairs made them the ideal choice for the staff breakout and meeting space. Ten Konfurb Fly chairs seamlessly integrated with the facility’s aesthetics while providing the utmost comfort for employees.

Konfurb Pala stools

Three Konfurb Pala stools were chosen for their perfect height, complementing the inbuilt leaner in the space, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

Reform Radiology was particularly impressed with the comfort and ergonomics of the office seating, specifically the Buro Mentor and Buro Metro II chairs. They believed these chairs surpassed other seating options in meeting the needs of their staff. The easy-care vinyl upholstery on the Buro Revo and Buro Bambach stools was also a significant advantage in a healthcare environment where hygiene and maintenance are critical.

buro revo healthcare stool reform radiology
Siemens Vida radiology
exterior reform radiology

Choosing Buro healthcare stools and office furniture, provided reassurance to the Reform Radiology team. With Buro’s 6-10 year guarantees and their Product Stewardship Programme, any refurbishments, repairs are easily taken care of and when the products finally reach their end of life, if they can’t be refurbished for donation then they reused for parts and recycled.

Overall, the collaboration between CG Office Furniture and Reform Radiology resulted in a modern, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing workspace that prioritises the health and wellbeing of the staff, including the use of healthcare stools. With carefully selected office furniture and healthcare stools that met the specific needs of their roles, Reform Radiology now enjoys the benefits of comfortable seating and a uniform, visually appealing environment.

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