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neocon chair fabric
01 Jul 2024
Top seven takeaways and everything you need to know about the hottest interior design trends showcase at the NeoCon show 2024, from Buro team members, Adam Tipping, Product Development Manager, and Carla Sheldon, Marketing Manager.
konfurb Saron and Buro Persona office chairs
28 Mar 2024
Explore the comprehensive guide to selecting the ideal office chair material. Whether it's the breathability of mesh, the luxurious comfort of leather, the versatility of fabric, or the affordability of vegan leather, this article delves into the pros and cons of each option. Discover which material suits your budget, durability, comfort, appearance, and maintenance preferences, ensuring your office seating enhances wellbeing.
Konfurb Star modular furniture in collaborative workspace
30 Jan 2024
Unlock the latest insights on workplace design trends for 2024, transforming offices into dynamic and inviting spaces. Explore solutions to key challenges like hybrid work setups, privacy, and employee wellbeing. Discover how ergonomic furniture and innovative design concepts can enhance productivity and create a harmonious and healthy work environment.
tidy work desk with plants
28 Jan 2024
In the quest for workplace efficiency, your desk organisation plays a crucial role, distinguishing between chaos and clarity in your daily tasks. By streamlining your workspace and focusing on essentials, like pens, notepads, and paper trays, you can create a productive environment conducive to success. Embracing a minimalist approach, supported by regular cleaning and strategic storage solutions, not only enhances productivity but also nurtures a sense of well-being, fostering a happier and more focused work experience.
20 Dec 2023
Dive into the essential role of stacking chairs for schools in optimising educational spaces. We highlight the indispensability of these chairs, emphasising their space-saving advantages and adaptability. As students navigate bustling school environments, the lightweight and durable design of stackable chairs become apparent, enabling effortless rearrangement for various activities.
konfurb duoblock outdoor cafe seating
08 Nov 2023
Sitting down in a picturesque café for a quiet cup of coffee is one of the best things in life, and all the more so when you have a great outdoor seating area to enjoy. Are you a café owner looking for some outdoor seating inspiration? Ready to transform a drab outdoor space into an al fresco delight? We share tips for designing your outdoor area, spacing your tables, decorative elements to include and maintaining your outdoor café seating.

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