Innovation – 17 Nov 2021

The technology behind the best office chair for posture

Improve health and wellbeing with Dynamic Intelligence™ technology. Revolutionising seating with no levers or manual adjustments needed. The self-weighting tension system intuitively responds to your body weight and size as you move, improving posture by encouraging a neutral spinal position and reducing spinal fatigue.

Adaptable design for office chairs with multiple users.

In co-working spaces, boardrooms or hybrid spaces such as home offices, it’s common that one chair is used by many people. Everybody has slightly different needs when it comes to finding the best office chair for posture.

Dynamic Intelligence™ saves the time and energy of constantly adjusting a chair to suit the new user without compromising on the level of ergonomic support. Over time, this means everyone will benefit from the increased comfort, health and productivity that sitting in these very smart chairs can offer.

As workplaces continue to evolve, with more flexible structures and schedules, the relevance of this adaptable design is clear. It’s a smart choice and a smart chair.



Buro’s Dynamic Intelligence™ technology is a unique feature that facilitates freedom of movement while maintaining the highest level of postural support.

It’s as though you’re driving an automatic car instead of a manual car. There’s no more manual adjustments. The chair adjusts itself to suit you.

The Buro Mentor range with Dynamic Intelligence™


The Buro Mentor range draws on over 25 years of ergonomic office chair design. Dynamic Intelligence™ technology elevates this existing standard to a whole new level. Choose from either a mesh or upholstered back option.


  • Dynamic Intelligence™ self-weighting mechanism
  • Moulded foam seat
  • Depth adjustable seat slide
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Synchronised seat and backrest angle
  • Customised seating fabric
  • Optional height adjustable arms
  • Optional headrest



  • Promotes ease of movement for joints
  • Improves musculoskeletal comfort
  • Muscles can easily flex and stretch
  • Encourages circulation
  • Supports easy breathing
  • Stay alert for longer
  • Enhanced vitality and energy.


Backed by Experts

  • GREENGUARD Gold certified. Safe emission levels for cleaner air.
  • AFRDI 142 certified. Supports bodies up to 135kg.
  • Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.
  • 10-year guarantee. Peace of mind.



“An excellent all-round chair that would suit a wide range of uses. I particularly like the default posture, which encourages forward thigh tilt. The excellent self-weighing tension mechanism encourages the user to use the dynamic features which make this synchro chair so beneficial”.

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