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Why it’s best to buy New Zealand made furniture

Looking for quality furniture made locally? Read our blog and learn why buying New Zealand made furniture is the best choice for your office or commercial fitout project. By supporting local companies, you help our communities, create jobs, and build a more sustainable future. Buro's New Zealand made furniture range comes with a 'Buy New Zealand Made' certification and the famous Kiwi Trademark.
New Zealand Made Furniture Konfurb with fabrics

The global pandemic, economic shocks, and supply chain issues of recent years have highlighted the importance of supporting our immediate communities and buying local when we can. As a result, it’s become more important than ever for New Zealand businesses to connect with their customers and show buyers their products are authentically Kiwi-made.

New Zealand has a richly-deserved reputation as an innovative, high-quality producer and manufacturer. Across the world, New Zealand goods and services are synonymous with excellent standards, great design, and high sustainability standards. Showing that products are made here in Aotearoa can bolster a brand’s position and resonate more with potential customers.

However, local companies often face a battle competing with overseas giants. Small businesses have to compete against high-volume, low-cost manufacturers from overseas in nearly every industry. In the interior design space, it’s easy to access low-cost imports and designs, which tend to be more readily accessible. The focus on cheap and cheerful products has caused many great Kiwi companies to go out of business over the years.

It isn’t easy to launch a successful global business from a remote corner of the world, and local businesses need as much support as possible to build their skills, refine their innovation processes, and develop more great products.

Supporting New Zealand companies helps our entire economy to thrive, supports communities, creates jobs, and builds more sustainable product life cycles. Buying from local businesses also encourages the next generation of entrepreneurs.

At Buro, we strive to use local manufacturers and suppliers to boost our local economy where we can. Whenever we choose a supplier, we look at the value-add to our customers as well as the impact on our communities. 

Here’s how our supply chain and manufacturing processes support New Zealand businesses, and how we produce our New Zealand made furniture:

Our NZ suppliers

Our New Zealand made furniture range is proudly manufactured in South Auckland, with our team of Kiwi manufacturing specialists.  We utilise mostly New Zealand made components, from locally produced MDF board and Lakepine Solid New Zealand pine timber, surfaces from Laminex, and wood from Westco Lumber.  Buro’s New Zealand made range also uses a local foam supplier, WT Distributors. WT ensures all of its off cuts are 100% recyclable in New Zealand.

We also work closely with Auckland-based textile provider Textilia, a Kiwi company with more than 30 years of experience in the furnishing industry. The business supplies New Zealand furniture makers with innovative, quality designs.

Textilia, one of our closest partners, uses an inspiring selection of premium wools, recycled polyesters, vinyls, leathers and wall coverings. The Parnell business caters for the office and commercial, corporate, education, hospitality, healthcare, and retail sectors. 

While we take care to use New Zealand products where we can, local production facilities mean we sometimes have to turn to sustainable providers overseas. 

Fabric-maker Warwick supplies Buro with imported Renew textiles made from eco-friendly materials, which are featured across our product range.  

Warwick’s Renew wool is made from recycled clothing and textile fibres. Recycled wool is one of the most certifiably sustainable and traceable fibres in the world.

Whenever we look outside of New Zealand, we choose the most sustainable partners. 

Warwick’s Oekotex fabrics meet a rigorous globally standardised, independent environmental testing and certification system for textile raw materials.

woman's hand on NZ Made Konfurb seating with NZ fabrics

Konfurb Eightby4 series upholstered in Textilia fabrics Synergy: Cordial, Order, Huddle and Guild. 

Our New Zealand made furniture

Buro has a wide range of office furniture proudly made in New Zealand. All of our New Zealand made furniture comes with a ‘Buy New Zealand Made’ certification and the famous Kiwi Trademark

The trademark indicates that a product or service is New Zealand Made in accordance with the Fair Trading Act. As a registered trademark, it is subject to a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) that govern its use.

The iconic trademark, which was re-established in 1988, assures our customers their product is made in New Zealand. 

Here’s a snapshot of our Kiwi-made ergonomic booths, ottomans, and customisable soft seating.

Konfurb Block Family

With customisable soft seating, the Konfurb Block Family fosters creativity and collaboration. To create unique configurations for your office space, choose from five different seat and back options and custom fabrics. The Konfurb Block is used in adaptable event spaces, activity-based workspaces, lobby areas, libraries, and learning environments.

NZ Made Konfurb Block seating in collaborative office

Konfurb Block Family upholstered in Textilia fabrics Synergy: Work & Affinity and Yoredale: Walden. 

Konfurb Eightby4 Series

The Konfurb Eightby4 is a series of six lightweight collaborative soft seating pieces that can be repositioned and custom upholstered to suit any space and any need, thanks to the clever use of geometric shapes. Perfect for agile offices and school learning environments that require a bit of imagination.

NZ Made Konfurb Eightby4 workspace furniture

Konfurb Eightby4 series upholstered in Textilia fabrics Synergy: Cordial, Success, Order, Huddle, Guild and Alike. 

Konfurb Halo

The Konfurb Halo Ottoman is a collection of three soft seating collaborative circle shapes. This flexible seating adds style and versatility to any office workspace, common area, or classroom. It’s durable, functional, and easy to move and reconfigure.

NZ Konfurb Halo Ottomans in workspace

Konfurb Halo ottomans upholstered in Textilia fabrics Craggan Flax: Wold and Synergy: Fate and Venture. 

Konfurb Star Family

With customisable collaborative soft seating, the Konfurb Star Family encourages ideas to flow and people to communicate. To create unique configurations for your office, choose from eight different ottomans, seat and back options, and custom fabrics.

The Konfurb Star is great for event spaces, activity-based work areas, lobbies, libraries and school education settings.

NZ Made Konfurb Star seating

Konfurb Star family upholstered in Textilia fabrics Craggan Flax: Esker, Scree, Gravel, Affix, Serendipity & Partner.

Konfurb Stem

The Konfurb Stem is a modular collaborative soft seating system designed to encourage co-working and learning. It is available in three different shapes.

Each piece is a ‘Y’ shaped design with different dimensions that can be used independently or as a two or three-piece design. It’s ideal for presentation areas, hospitality, events, lobbies, libraries, and educational settings.

NZ Made Konfurb Stem soft seating in green

Konfurb Stem, featured at Environment Canterbury, Christchurch. Supplied by Canterbury Office Furniture 

Konfurb Studio

The Konfurb Studio booth can create a quiet space for privacy and focus in any office environment.  Choose between a one, two, or three-seater office booth, each with multi-purpose seating and a high back and sides. Pod seating is a popular choice for open-plan offices, shared spaces, libraries, and schools.

NZ Made Konfurb Studio in workspace

Konfurb Studio featured in ICT Office, Auckland. Supplied by Fuze Interiors. Upholstered in Warwick / Eastwood ‘Tan’ & Lustrell Charisma ‘Navy’ and Textilia / Persis ‘Coast & Slate’ & Tessuto ‘Corsica’.

Now you know all about our New Zealand made office furniture, check out our product page for more inspiration.



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