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MTF Finance Howick Pakuranga

MTF Finance in Howick Pakuranga underwent a full building refit, incorporating vibrant, brand-aligned seating solutions from Smart Office Furniture. The new design emphasises their bright colour palette of yellow, orange, and navy, creating a welcoming and cohesive workspace. This strategic use of colour not only enhances visual appeal but also reinforces the company's identity and commitment to exceptional customer service.




06 Nov 2023



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Smart Office Furniture

MTF Finance – Enhancing brand experience through colourful seating 

In November 2023 MTF Finance in Howick Pakuranga underwent a full building refit, working with our reseller Smart Office Furniture to provide seating solutions for their new interiors.  

MTF Finance helps people through a range of loan options, including secured and unsecured personal loans, loans for weddings, vacations, and home improvement projects. Their branding, designed by Dunedin based agency Walsh & Beck features a bright colour palette of yellow, orange and navy.  

The aim of the interior refit was to create a welcoming space that embodies the MTF brand experience, emphasising their renowned high level of customer service through thoughtful and deliberate design. 

mtf finance bar leaner and lounge breakout areas
mtf finance bar leaner breakout area

Chairs are a vital component of any business, and they offer a unique opportunity to highlight brand colours. By customising the upholstery to match the colours of a company’s logo and branding materials, businesses can create a cohesive and immersive brand experience. 

MTF Finance features a vibrant colour palette of yellow, orange, and navy. By matching these colours in the upholstery of their office chairs, MTF Finance effectively brings their brand to life within the workspace. This deliberate choice not only enhances the visual appeal of the office but also reinforces the company’s identity and values. 

Designing office spaces to reflect a company’s branding fosters a sense of belonging among employees. According to the Steelcase Global Workplace report, 98 percent of highly engaged and highly satisfied workers are in environments that create a strong sense of belonging to their company. An office that incorporates brand elements can remind employees they are part of a collective team. 

A consistent colour scheme is one of the most powerful aspects of company branding. Specific colours, even in isolation, can convey a great deal about a business. By integrating brand colours into the office decor, companies can significantly enhance their branding efforts. The use of MTF Finance’s yellow, orange, and navy in the upholstery serves this purpose, making a bold statement about the company’s identity while creating an engaging and unified workspace. 

konfurb orbit chairs in custom upholstery
konfurb orbit customer chairs
Warwick Ashcroft Encore Navy
Warwick Gyro Glacier
Warwick Ashcroft Lemon Fabric Swatch
Warwick Ashcroft Orange Fabric Swatch

The Konfurb Orbit Mid Back chairs were upholstered with fabrics from the Ashcroft ‘Renew’ and the Gyro Collection.  

Ashcroft, ‘Renew’ is their high performance upholstery fabrics using recycled polyester. It incorporates no less than 40% by weight of recycled yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles. In fact, each metre of fabric represents no less than 4 plastic bottles* 

Warwicks’ Gyro is a striking jacquard woven plain. Three separate worlds combine with these great new textured plains, each designed to offer the ultimate platform for modern furnishing accents and value priced to make fabric selection easy and affordable. 

The office layout predominantly features an open-plan design, segmented into three primary areas: workstations, a bar-leaner breakout zone, and a lounge area. 

The use of textures throughout the space creates a warm and inviting environment. Key design elements include a branded wooden panel and a black fabric curtain set against a painted white brick wall, complemented by a wooden-panelled wall. Suspended lighting highlights the branding on the wall and provides ample illumination for the workstations 

The design ensures the space feels both professional and welcoming. Workstations feature the charming and comfortable Mondo Soho office chair and are paired with two Konfurb Orbit chairs in different colours for customers. These chairs offer comfort and encourage customers to relax during discussions.  

The Konfurb Orbit chair is designed by internationally acclaimed architect and designer, Mac Stopa. The chair is characterised by a sleek and minimalist design, with a dominant ‘wing’ style that seamlessly complements various spaces including; relaxation spaces, reception areas and comfortable and informal workplace meeting spaces. 

Adjacent to the workstations is a breakout area featuring a high table and four Konfurb Fly Sled Barstools, facilitating informal discussions and collaborative work. The barstools, designed by Claudio Bellini, Italian-born Architect and Designer, mirror the human body and its needs. 

The lounge area, located next to the breakout space, is furnished with three Konfurb Orbit chairs in navy, orange, and yellow, along with a low table and pendant lighting. This area provides a relaxed and informal setting where customers can wait or engage in casual conversations. 

In addition to the open-plan areas, there is a private meeting room furnished with four Konfurb Orbit chairs in varying colours. The room’s shelving unit displays items in yellow, orange, and navy, reflecting the brand’s colour scheme and creating a cohesive visual experience. 

konfurb orbit chairs in lounge breakout area
konfurb orbit chair in meeting room
private meeting room with konfurb orbit chairs

Overall, the open-plan layout, featuring workstations, breakout zones, and a lounge area, combined with high-quality, environmentally considerate fabrics, ensures the space is both professional and welcoming. This strategic use of design elements not only enhances the visual appeal of the office but also reinforces the company’s identity, values, and commitment to exceptional customer service.

mtf finance interior furniture

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